Russell Means: Revolutionary.

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First time I remember seeing Russell was at the Greengrass Sundance. He called my Grandma Ella up during the Giveaway. Even as a young boy, I was impressed. From that day forward, as a youth, I saw Bruce Lee, Evil Knievel, Muhammad Ali, and Russell Means as almost One and the same. On the news, it seemed “Banks and Means” were always being spoken of. Once I turned 18, I decided to NOT sign up for selective service. This was because of Russell and Muhammad Ali. I am the only guy I know who didn’t sign up for THEIR military machine.

I ended up a working stiff. Working with the jugheaded Neanderthals at Hutchinson Technology. It was 1995, I think, and I had disposable income. So much, I bought Russell’s Autobiography, Where White Men Fear To Tread”. There I was, short haired and working for the man, every time I closed that book, I saw Russell looking at me, the opposite of what I had become. I ended up growing my hair out, because of him. I became as free as I could, within their system by becoming an “Indian Artist”. I then ran into Russell at a restaurant in Racist City, South Dakota. It was 1998 or so, I was long haired, braids even, and doing the art thing. I went up to him, and I told him what he meant to me, what his Life had done for mine. He told me to come help at the Immersion School he was working on. I couldn’t until I was off parole in 2005.

I ended up living at Russell’s Ranch for a spell. I was amazed how much he and I saw eye to eye. He even called me “Cinksi”, and nobody else ever has. He taught me, enlightened me, bolstered me, guided me. My times with Russell Means was some of the best times of my Life. There is much more to expound upon, but the thing I want to get across today is this: I want you to Know, it all begins in the East. Our Movement begins again In The East. Look at our Renewed Constitution. Think. I will not expound upon it more at this time, for I need Cooperation, and am loathe to dictate. I hope some shall See.

“Revolution means going back to the Beginning”—- Russell Means.

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